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We can manage your Charity Formation

Charities are formed for a variety of reasons, including memorialising loved ones or raising funds for a specific community. Our charity consultants can assist in the formation of new charitable endeavours, allowing you to concentrate on fundraising. Creating a charitable organisation is a noble and worthwhile endeavour. When existing charities are unable to meet the needs of the community you wish to serve, you may wish to establish a new fundraising vehicle. Charities are frequently established in memory of lost loved ones so that their memory can live on through charitable acts. While the intention is clear, the process of establishing a charity is complicated.

The Charity Commission requires all charities to be registered. We can assist you in comprehending this process and advising you on the best course of action. This includes gathering documents, preparing statements, and ensuring that all financial systems are compliantly set up. Our charity consultants can take over so you can concentrate on fundraising and other charitable activities.


Choosing the Best Structure for Your Non-profit?

Charities are classified into four types. Your choice of charity structure will have far-reaching consequences for your future operations, so it is critical to get it right from the start. Charities are classified into four types:

    Charitable incorporated trust (CIO)
    Charitable company limited by guarantee
    Unincorporated association