// Aidvante will assist you in increasing organic traffic and conversions to your website with an ongoing SEO strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The top-ranking search results should be the websites that are most relevant to the user's search query. Your strategy should be centred on attracting users who will interact and convert. To provide the best user experience, not only should you target the right phrases, but your landing pages should also be tailored to the user. To inform our search engine optimization campaign, we conduct research and analysis on your website, your target audience, and the competition. We'll then devise a strategy for adjusting content, improving design, and improving site health, all while carefully promoting your website online.

SEO Audit

To help offer a strategy that gives you results, we need to understand your business, your goals, and your competition, therefore we do an SEO audit. Because every business and website is unique, we always develop a custom plan for each of our clients.

Competitor Analysis

To assess your current search performance, we'll start with keyword and competition research. Examining the websites of your competitors will offer you with useful insight into how to make the most of your own. This will show your present site's strengths and limitations, as well as areas for improvement.

Technical SEO

It's critical to monitor the health of your website. You want to make accessing web material as simple as possible for consumers and Google. Indexation difficulties, broken links, and crawl oddities are all investigated by technical SEO. To monitor and maintain your website's health and stay on top of it, we employ Google products like Search Console as well as third-party solutions.

On-site SEO

On-page SEO focuses on optimising site speed, design, and content so that people can find the information they need. It's not enough to simply add keywords to content; you also have to consider how design and copy influence a user's trip. Relevant search terms to describe a product or service offering will automatically appear on a site that concentrates its content on the end user. Our SEO staff follows Google's best practises, utilising the wealth of information Google gives to assist businesses like yours.

search is fluid and constantly evolving as Google improves its algorithm, we continue to learn and keep an eye on industry thought leaders to stay on top of trends, new tactics, and ideas. By analysing user intent and adapting content accordingly, we adopt a user-centric approach to on-page SEO. This ensures that, while we adhere to the requirements to ensure that our webpage fundamentals are correct, we are always striving to improve the user experience and elevate your site beyond the competition.

Outreaching and off-site SEO

It's important to consider how your website appears on the internet. It's critical to keep your brand's image consistent and to make sure your website is authoritative and trustworthy. Outreaching, brand recognition, social visibility, third-party review sites, and even your Google My Business and Bing Places listings are all part of off-site SEO. As part of your campaign, we'll track and manage these to ensure that your website gets the most out of these external channels. We also manage your existing backlink profile and look for low-quality websites that might connect to you. Any backlink strategy should aim to improve the quality and relevancy of the domains connecting to your website in a natural way.

Link Building and Backlink Audit

Links are an important aspect of a well-rounded SEO strategy because a well-optimized link profile improves a website's potential to rank in organic search. We then use industry-leading tools like Majestic and SEMRush to undertake a competition backlink study to guarantee you have a strong and healthy backlink profile.

Content Writing and Audit

Aidvante specialises in creating high-quality SEO material that is picked up by search spiders and indexed by all major search engines, including Google and Bing.We then conduct a content audit to assess the present onsite material and determine how best to connect any new content with your brand voice and style.


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