Charity Foundation's Facebook Ads Campaign Performance 2023-2024

Foundation, a prominent charitable organization, sought to boost awareness and generate donations for their humanitarian projects through Facebook ads. This case study explores their journey from initial challenges to outstanding success, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Aidvante Consultancy Ltd.

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The Challenge

Charity Foundation approached Aidvante Consultancy Ltd with a pressing concern: despite investing in Facebook ads, they were not seeing the desired returns. Donations were stagnant, and the cost per acquisition was high. The foundation was worried about the efficiency of their campaigns and unsure how to optimize their strategies.

Aidvante's Approach

Understanding the gravity of the Charity Foundation situation, Aidvante Consultancy Ltd embarked on a mission to turn things around. We focused on:

Enhanced Targeting: Identifying and reaching a more relevant audience.

Ad Creatives: Developing compelling stories and visuals to engage potential donors.

Budget Allocation: Strategically increasing the budget to maximize visibility and engagement.

Continuous Optimization: Regularly fine-tuning campaigns based on performance metrics.

The Journey

From the outset, Aidvante’s team worked tirelessly, diving deep into the data, analyzing past performances, and pinpointing areas of improvement. We collaborated closely with the Charity Foundation, understanding their mission, goals, and the unique challenges they faced.

Charity PPC Results and Impact

Overall Performance (2023 vs. 2024)
Metrics 2023 2024 Improvement
Total Reach 634,953 5,797,973 +814%
Total Impressions 3,912,490 18,584,379 +375%
Total Amount Spent £45,311.01 £99,213.35 +119%
Total Link Clicks 10,151 216,907 +2036%
Average Purchase ROAS 9.52 8.80 -7.56%
Total Purchases Conversion Value £431,147.09 £873,174.07 +102%
Total Purchases 2,903 5,608 +93%
Average Cost per Purchase £15.61 £17.69 +13.32%

Detailed Performance for Entire Campaign Period (Combined Data)

Metrics Total (2023 & 2024)
Total Reach 8,404,893
Total Impressions 33,757,095
Total Amount Spent £222,486.23
Total Link Clicks 295,541
Average Purchase ROAS 8.51
Total Purchases Conversion Value £1,893,802.06
Total Purchases 13,551
Average Cost per Purchase £16.42

Turning Worry into Wonder

Initially, the team at Charity Org was skeptical. They had tried different strategies before with little success. However, as the first reports came in, showing a substantial increase in reach and engagement, their skepticism turned to amazement. They couldn’t believe the numbers: an 814% increase in reach and a 375% surge in impressions!

Aidvante’s dedication was evident. Regular updates, transparent communication, and a clear display of how each penny was optimized reassured the Charity Foundation that they were in capable hands.

Charity PPC graph increase
Charity PPC graph increase


A Story of Transformation

The turning point came when the Charity Foundation saw nearly doubled donation values. This wasn’t just a number on a report; it represented real impact—more meals, shelter, and education for those in need. Aidvante had not just optimized ads; they had amplified Charity’s mission.

The partnership transformed from a client-vendor relationship into a true collaboration. Aidvante’s team became an extension of Charity’s vision, working with an unwavering commitment to ensure every campaign was a step towards greater impact.


The Charity Foundation’s Facebook ad campaign for the first half of 2024 showcased a remarkable improvement over the same period in 2023. The nearly 100% increase in donation value is a testament to the effective strategies and optimizations implemented by Aidvante Consultancy Ltd. By enhancing targeting, improving ad creatives, and strategically increasing the budget, we successfully amplified Charity reach and engagement, ultimately leading to higher donations.

This case study underscores the potential of well-planned and executed digital advertising campaigns in driving significant results for non-profit organizations. The Charity Foundation’s experience can serve as a model for other organizations aiming to boost their fundraising efforts through social media platforms